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Sericin- The most powerful anti aging ingredient

Ever heard of the most powerful anti aging ingredient used? Sericin is a natural protein derived from our widely known silk which has been around for multiple centuries. Here at Alexandr &Co, we employs a patented method of extraction which removes the Sericin from raw silk threads in its integral form known as Integral Sericin. 

With Integral sericin as our main age defying ingredient in our Silk Sericin Complex™,we plan to defy all signs of aging by stripping away visible signs of wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines while bringing back a well rejuvenated and hydrated skin. 

Why did we use Integral Sericin?

Integral Sericin has demonstrated an excellent compatibility to human skin,resembling the chemical structure of skin keratin closely,making it a desirable biomaterial for wound suturing and dressing in the medical field.These powerful regenerative properties inspired us as professionals to distill Integral Sericin at some of the highest concentrations possible.

What Benefits does it brings?

With its excellent compatibility brings along its high regenerative properties. The protein itself is able to protect our skin as if it is a silk thread, retaining moisture while preventing Transepidermal water loss, which with excessive loss is one cause for dry skin. The biolayer formed will keep skin smooth just after one use and also protects the skin by keeping toxins out. With a more hydrated and nourished skin, skin will appear smoother, cleaner and more radiant. 

Sericin not only prevents water loss but also helps to actively restore the skin Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). NMF is basically your self produced skin essentials, like hyaluronic acid and several amino acids like PCA, urocanic acid and even your organic salts and sugar. Its role is to maintain skin hydration, by keeping the skin elasticity and protect the skin from damage. With active restoration, the skin will always be at an optimal hydration level, looking radiant and bright. 

Silk protein also contains up to 18 amino acids. The presence of amino acids like Proline and Glycine helps in collagen production that gives rise to the age defying properties like reduction of wrinkles. The reduction in dark spots will be evident as silk prevents Ultraviolet radiations (UV) and also it inhibits the formation of excessive melanin which leads to dark spots. 

With all of the benefits sericin brings, skin will be protected from harsh environments and the UV rays, replenishing and restoring while looking younger and healthier as time passes. Having a promising ingredient like Sericin in your beauty regimen will only increase its efficiency, bringing you renewed skin in a short term for a long time. 

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