longevity in every drop

the guardian

Ancient Silk Tradition meets cutting edge science; every drop of Chrysalis Silk Treasures is a potent anti-aging powerhouse.


the legend of chrysalis

The story of Chrysalis begins thousands of years ago with an accidental discovery fated to change the world. The Legend tells of a Chinese Empress Leizu 嫘祖 who held in her hands a silk cocoon when it accidentally slipped through her fingers into a hot cup of tea. The tightly woven threads of silk began to unfurl and reveal beautifully delicate yet durable quality. 

ancient origins

The Silk Road

The discovery of the new fabric inspired the creation of the first ever silk loom, and the Silk Road, the ancient trade routes that connected the East and the West which still stands today. It positioned ancient China as an economic powerhouse, and helped establish prosperous cities.

the miracle

the magic of silk protein

After years of scientific studies, the unique properties of silk were unravelled and it's miraculous ability to regenerate human skin was discovered. The groundbreaking discovery forever forged silk as more than just a fabric, but a powerful anti-aging elixir, as a second skin for preserving youth.


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