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Ancient Origins of a Modern Skincare Miracle.

Silk is a fabric prized for its pearlescent lustre and brilliant sheen. It has been coveted by royalty and nobility for millennia and was once the ultimate symbol of power and authority. 21st century scientific breakthroughs have now unraveled silk's undiscovered biological potential in tissue regeneration and cosmesis.

"Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand."


Silk is discovered by accident when the wife of the Yellow Emperor Empress Leizu accidentally drops a silk cocoon in a cup of hot tea.
The Empress's passion is turned into reality with the invention of the first silk loom. This ignites an industrial revolution and ancient China receives worldwide acclaim.
The creation of the ancient silk road connects the East and West and Silk rapidly becomes a luxury afforded only to the wealthy and opulent.
Silk's microstructure is revealed in studies with the discovery of the sericin coating and its potential for use in tissue regeneration.
Sericin is hailed as an important biomaterial for tissue regeneration and drug delivery by world renown scientists and researchers.
These findings inspire our founding team of doctors to create Alexandr&Co.'s signature Serisilk™ technology, fusing modern skincare science with ancient wisdom.

Discover the Science of Serisilk™

Serisilk™ is made from the cocoon of the domestic silkworm (Bombyx Mori). Its main active ingredient known as sericin is a thick 'glue-like' protein super-molecule scientifically known for its strong affinity for human skin.