What is Integral Sericin?

The technology behind Chrysalis Silk Treasures employs a patented method of extraction which removes the Sericin from raw silk threads in its integral form known as Integral Sericin. It is distilled to perfection by master silk craftsmen in the pristine waters of Southern Europe.  

around-the-clock protection

the guardian

Integral Sericin has demonstrated an excellent compatibility to human skin, making it a desirable biomaterial for wound suturing and dressing in the medical field. These powerful regenerative properties inspired us as professionals to distill Integral Sericin at some of the highest concentrations possible. This was the brainchild of Chrysalis Silk Treasures; ultra potent Integral Sericin engineered to nurture and maintain beautifully smooth, youthful and radiant skin.

nature at its finest

the ultimate gift
for flawless skin

The Silkworm (Bombyx Mori), intricately weaves its cocoon in preparation for metamorphosis. Its own ultimate transformation depends on its survival against all odds. Withstanding the test of time through punishing weather in an unpredictable terrain, the silkworm transforms majestically into a moth. Its only protection is its delicate cocoon woven with almost surgical precision and artisanal finesse. No chances or shortcuts can be taken. It's delicate silk fibres are held tightly in union by its Sericin, vital for maintaining critical structural integrity. Sericin's protective qualities guard against the harshness of day to day weather, forming a biofilm that reveals natural radiance and minimises water loss for tighter and smoother looking skin.  


beauty isn't learned,
it is revealed

Within every drop of Chrysalis Silk Treasures is the philosophy of 'Beautiful'.  Yet it is not just a philosophy of words, but one steeped in veritable science and a rich historic heritage. Every drop arises from a masterful brew of Integral Sericin and a plethora of natural extracts designed to bestow striking radiance and an almost perfect glow from the very first use.   


the STORY of chrysalis

Discover the Story behind the brand, the ancient tale that inspired the creation of Chrysalis Silk Treasures.

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