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Our Silk Royale Trio Pack is an upgrade from our Silk Essentials Pack with the added benefit of our most effective eye cream.

What Do You Get:

About SeriClear™ Silk Face Wash

The SeriClear™ Face Wash is the genesis of the Silk Sericin Complex™ journey. A gentle cleanser, it washes away debris that clog pores and also moisturizes, whitens and reduces inflammation while conditioning skin to pave the way for the rest of the silk skincare anti-ageing routine.

焕活洁面霜是蛹丝宝的创世纪。温和的清洗 能让污垢远离毛孔堵塞并滋润皮肤,美白并减少炎症,有助于皮肤调理为其余部分铺平了为蛹抗衰老常规的道路。

About SeriGuard™ Silk Moisturizer

The SeriGuard™ Silk Moisturizer is the final addition to the Silk Sericin Complex™ anti-ageing silk skincare regime. It intensely moisturizes skin for a youthful and supple appearance, while whitening and conditioning skin, ready to take on the harshness of the environment.


About SeriShine™ Silk Eye Cream

The SeriShine™ Silk Eye Cream, enriched with ultra concentrated Silk Sericin Complex™ ensures vital care for what matters most in beauty - the eyes. Users should notice an improvement in crow’s feet (smile lines), spots, sagging skin and dark circles to reveal alluring eyes that shine.

烁亮滋养眼霜含着超浓缩地丝绸丝胶,确保对美容中有着最重要的护理- 眼睛。使用者会发现到鱼尾纹(微笑线),斑点,松弛的皮肤和黑眼圈的改善,以显露出诱人的眼睛。

Evidence Based Skincare. Only Ingredients That Works.

Alexandr&Co's Chrysalis Silk Treasures range and our Silk Sericin Complex™ is the brainchild of years of research and development created by a team of doctors and researchers with only one goal in mind: To create the ultimate skincare experience backed only by thoroughly reviewed and evidence based ingredients.