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Silk Skincare formulated by doctors.

“Silk Sericin Complex™ was founded by Doctors who noticed the positive effects of Silkworm sericin on human skin. Widely used as a surgical suture material and as a key component of burn wound dressings, sericin has been thoroughly researched and highly acclaimed as an anti-aging miracle. They embarked on a quest to find the highest quality medical grade sericin. After 5 years of research and development created Silk Sericin Complex™; containing a very high concentration of Sericin”


"Silk is truly one of the wonders of mother nature. Strong and elastic with a natural affinity for human skin and a resistance to microbes makes silk ideal for surgical suturing and wound dressing in medicine with powerful youth preserving and wrinkle reducing properties. It was these properties that led us to be inspired to create Alexandr&Co; an anti-aging skincare line that has been carefully curated and masterfully formulated by combining the best of European and Japanese anti-aging skincare technologies. Centered around the highest grades of silk sericin and fibroin, the 2 essential proteins that form the cocoon of the silkworm, the Alexandr&Co. range helps to create a visible youthful glow, increased elasticity and bounce, a reduced appearance of wrinkles all the while minimizing water loss from skin."

-- Dr. Sean Lee (MBBS). Founding Medical Team