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Silk Sericin Complex ™

The World's Most Advanced Natural Anti-Aging Skincare Technology.

Award Winning Skincare Technology from Japan.

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The Science

The technology behind Alexandr&Co's proprietary Silk Sericin Complex is a patented method of extraction which removes the Sericin from raw silk threads in its integral form known as Integral Sericin. This is then combined with a plethora of today's most advanced anti-aging ingredients backed by research and formulated by a team of doctors.

The Most Potent Anti-Aging Ingredient

Silk. Beautiful, pure and natural, is more than just a fabric. Dermatologists swear by it, women love it and research shows it's true potential as a true anti-aging powerhouse.

Formulated by Doctors

Alexandr&Co's Silk Story began when our founding medical doctors noticed the dramatic rate of healing of their patients' incision wounds when exposed to a unique silk extract known as Sericin. Joining forces with chemists and silk artisans, they created the brainchild known as Silk Sericin Complex™, the miracle at the heart of each Chrysalis Silk Treasure.

Silk Sericin Complex™ (SSC™)

The award-winning Silk Sericin Complex™ combines raw silk sericin with potent biopeptides, cermaides, plant   placental protein extracts, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Every hand-picked ingredient is backed by published scientific research with direct benefits tailored to aging skin.

Made in the heart of silk:
Gunma Prefecture, Japan

When it comes to beauty and silk technology, Japan is the world leader. Japanese beauty silk products tend to take a gentle approach and  emphasize balance, nourishment and protection to bring your skin into a state of Zen bliss.

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