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Ultimate Regeneration Set

The Ultimate Regeneration Set is a five-piece collection consisting of Sericlear Face Wash, Serishine Eye Cream, Seriglow Elixir Serum Seriguard Moisturizer and Seritone Essence

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What's Inside Ultimate Regeneration Set?

Seriguard Moisturizer

Award Winning Moisturizer

Seriguard Moisturizer is our award-winning best-selling moisturizer that intensely hydrates without causing oiliness or blocking pores. It has a smooth, gel-like texture that's rapidly absorbed and is enriched with concentrated silk sericin.

Meant for use after cleansing and toning, it is a lightweight yet powerful moisturizer designed to provide maximum hydration for the longest duration without being oily, sticky or obstructive to your pores.

Winner of:

Beauty Insider's Best Skin Care 2021 | Best Moisturizer 2021

Serishine Eye Cream

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Specially formulated for the delicate eye area, this fast-acting eye cream helps fade the look of stubborn crow's feet, brightens and evens skin tone in the under-eye area, helps smooth fine lines and texture, and reduces the look of dark circles. It works quickly with visible results in just one week

Serishine eye cream Is a profound skincare formula designed to eliminate fatigue and aging smoothing skin under eyes, reducing puffiness, fine lines and crow’s feet.

Seriglow Elixir

Ultimate Age Defying Serum

SeriGlow Elixir Anti Aging Serum is the quintessential serum enriched with concentrated Serisilk™ that moisturizes, brightens and conditions skin, rapidly reducing the visible signs of ageing for a youthful, timeless appearance.

Seriglow Elixir is packed with everything needed for a skin boost and delivers active ingredients deep into the skin. It is meant to be used as a supplement to Seriguard Moisturizer.

Seritone Essence

Balancing, Hydrating Toner

Seritone Essence is a gentle toner that works to balance skin's pH, minimise pores, hydrate, nourish and protect your skin after cleansing.

It is meant to be used immediately after using Sericlear Face Wash.

Sericlear Face Wash

Deep Cleansing Face Wash

A deceptively gentle face wash, Sericlear Face Wash removes debris that clogs pores and exfoliates while still moisturising, whitening and reducing inflammation. It nourishes and protects from deep within the dermal layers, priming your skin for the next steps in your anti-aging skincare routine.

Sericlear Face Wash is meant to be used as the first step in your daily anti-aging skincare routine. It is designed to balance and ready your skin for the rest of your anti-aging products.

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Data obtained from 31 individuals between the ages of 25 and 61 who used Serisilk™ for 14 days.
* Individual Results May Vary.

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