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An Exclusive Interview with Alexandr&Co. Brand Ambassador and host of E! Asia Yvette King


Who are you?

I'm half Korean, half Australian. I'm a mother of newborn twin baby girls, a wife to a super dad Ben and for work I'm a TV presenter - I host E! Asia and have done so for the past 4 years. When I'm not changing poopy diapers or playing with my girls who have just started to smile by the way (heart melt!) I'm a serious entertainment junkie. I love movies, music and Kpop - my favourite part of my job is to interview interesting people and hear their stories.

How do you manage your life?

My daily life varies - I'm not really a routine person and never have been. Due to the nature of my job I could be interviewing Tom Cruise in Taiwan one day and then sitting at home in my PJs writing scripts in Singapore the next. Now that my two precious babies have arrived, it's even more of a juggle. And perhaps routine is just what we need! I'm a new mum so it's very likely I'm doing this all wrong! However, I do believe in the babies fitting into our lifestyle rather than us completely moulding our lives around them. Of course they are our number one priority but we want them to be comfortable heading outside, flying on planes and just be out and about in the world, rather than having to tip toe around them. Perhaps it's not popular opinion, but I also put a lot into my husband - I think a happy marriage and stability in your relationship equals happy families.

What drives you?

Parenting is never easy but it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done! I have so much newfound respect for mothers and fathers - especially my parents - I look at them in a whole new light. It really does take a village to raise children and there's nothing like having your mum to guide you - particularly in those first few months. And speaking of my mum, I really should've listened to her more! Growing up, she tried to get me into skincare, even as a teen, warning me about all those wrinkles and skin damage to come. She's Korean and she's been heavily into skincare ever since I can remember. I feel it's a cultural thing for Koreans because they truly do have some of the most glowing skin in the world! But of course I didn't use the products she bought me. And now I kick myself for it. As much as I am an entertainment junkie, I'm a beauty one as well. I'm really into my skincare regime now especially as I wear so much makeup for camera.


More than anything else in my life, my twin pregnancy affected my skin. With all those hormones running through my body and the demands of those two growing babies, I found my face in particular was extremely dehydrated. I also had acute morning sickness so I was also losing loads of fluid from being sick all day long (why do they call it "morning" sickness again?). Becoming brand ambassador of Alexandr&Co couldn't have come at a better time. In fact we shot the campaign when I was in my second trimester! The products were a lifesaver for me - making my dry, damaged skin more supple and moisturised without giving me breakouts - which has been a problem for me with moisturisers in the past. Even throughout my pregnancy I traveled far and wide for work - I even hosted from the red carpet at the E! People's Choice Awards in Hollywood when I was about 28 weeks. My Alexandr&Co products were used day and night to keep my skin looking as fresh as possible. Being paraben and alcohol free they were ideal to use as an expecting mum. Since becoming pregnant, health has become a huge priority for us as a family and that includes skincare - skin is our biggest organ after all and absorbs all those nasties. In general, I don't enter into brand collaborations or arrangements if I don't believe in the products but with Alexandr&Co I actually do use them every single day. In fact, I recommended them to my mum and she raves about them - funny how that's come full circle!