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Exclusive Silk Journey Starter Pack

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Begin your silk journey with the Alexandr&Co. Chrysalis Silk Treasures Silk Journey Starter Pack. Consisting of the 3 essential cornerstones of any skincare regime; a cleanser, toner and moisturizer in a full 6 week supply. Limited time only. 


  • The SeriClear™ Face Wash is the genesis of the Chrysalis journey. A gentle cleanser, it washes away debris that clog pores and also moisturizes, whitens and reduces inflammation while conditioning skin to pave the way for the rest of the Chrysalis anti-ageing routine.

    Benefits of Use:

    1. Washes away skin debris and impurities that clog pores for clean and fresh skin.

    2. Moisturizes skin to prevent dryness.

    3. Improves overall complexion and reduces irritation on skin.