ancient origins

The Tale of the
Empress and the Teacup

It all began more than 4000 years ago in ancient China. As the wife of the Yellow Empress sat in her courtyard, she held in her hand an object of immaculate beauty; a silk cocoon. As if by fate, the cocoon slipped through her fingers and fell into a cup of tea, unfurling momentarily. What had unraveled was an unbroken pure silk thread; an object of beauty unlike anything the world had ever seen. 

etched in history

the silk road

The enchanting silk fabric soon spread far and wide to all corners of the known world. New trade routes were paved, breaking centuries old cultural and religious boundaries. An ancient form of globalisation inspired by a fabric that was adorned only by the wealthy and opulent kings and queens, emperors and empresses.  .

The dream


The idea of Chrysalis Silk Treasures was inspired by the miraculous properties of silk due to its protective and regenerative properties.


the secret in the teacup

Silk's brilliant sheen and captivating colours were inimitable. However, a recent breakthrough led to silk being rediscovered as a miraculous biological marvel. Sericin, the structural protein that binds the silk threads in union had a secret so powerful it is used in medicine for suturing and dressing wounds. Using a patented method, Chrysalis is crafted to perfection containing only the most structurally intact form of sericin known as Integral Sericin. This unique method has been handed down over generations and is distilled to perfection in every drop of Chrysalis Silk Treasures. Silk, a fabric that once covered the body, can now reveal the soul.  


the science BEHIND chrysalis

Discover the astounding science behind the discovery of Chrysalis Silk Treasures; Sericin.

the science