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SeriShine™ Silk Eye Cream

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 The SeriShine™ Silk Eye Cream, enriched with ultra concentrated Silk Sericin Complex™ ensures vital care for what matters most in beauty - the eyes. Users should notice an improvement in crow’s feet (smile lines), spots, sagging skin and dark circles to reveal alluring eyes that shine.

烁亮滋养眼霜含着超浓缩地丝绸丝胶,确保对美容中有着最重要的护理- 眼睛。使用者会发现到鱼尾纹(微笑线),斑点,松弛的皮肤和黑眼圈的改善,以显露出诱人的眼睛。

    1. Improves appearance of Crow's Feet (smile lines).
    2. Achieve firmer, smoother skin.
    3. Improves appearance of dark circles.
    1. 改善鱼尾纹(微笑线)。
    2. 使皮肤更紧致,更光滑。
    3. 改善黑眼圈

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