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SeriTone™ Silk Essence Toner

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The SeriTone™ Silk Essence Toner contains a high concentration of Silk Sericin Complex™ as a miracle age-defying silk skincare toner that is essential for smooth, supple and glowing skin.


    1. Moisturizes skin to prevent dryness.
    2. Reduces the appearance of skin irritation.
    3. Achieve visibly younger looking skin.


    1. 滋润及预防干燥肌肤
    2. 减少外观的刺激
    3. 促进年轻肌肤


Evidence Based Skincare. Only ingredients that work

Alexandr&Co's Chrysalis Silk Treasures range and our Silk Sericin Complex   is the brainchild of years of research and development created by a team of doctors and researchers with only one goal in mind: To create the ultimate skincare experience backed only by thoroughly reviewed and evidence based ingredients. 

Seritone Essence's Botanical Extracts. Are they right for my sensitive skin?

™ is a complex concoction of skincare powerhouse ingredients which includes a plethora of botanical extracts as found mainly in SeriTone™ Essence (Toner) and SeriGlow™ Elixir (Serum)


As botanical extracts may contain essential oils and various powerful plant compounds which can trigger skin reactions in a small number of users, we recommend using only a small amount of SeriTone™ Essence and SeriGlow™ Elixir when starting out. If you are concerned about you skin's sensitivity to botanical extracts, we recommend doing a patch test on the inside of your elbow for 48 hours. Simply apply a small amount of Seritone Essence on the soft skin over the inner surface of your elbow and observe. Repeat twice daily for 2 days. If you notice a general redness, itch or rash, we recommend stopping use and contacting our friendly concierge who will assist you with your concern. 





We understand skincare is never a "one size fits all" industry and we do our best to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases and that the products are suitable for them. That is why we strive to guarantee a full refund within 45 days for any unsatisfied purchases.