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SeriGuard™ Silk Moisturizer

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The SeriGuard™ Silk Moisturizer is the final addition to the Silk Sericin Complex™ anti-ageing silk skincare regime. It intensely moisturizes skin for a youthful and supple appearance, while whitening and conditioning skin, ready to take on the harshness of the environment.


    1. Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    2. Achieve a brighter, glowing complexion.
    3. Conditions and nourishes skin.


    1. 改善细纹和皱纹的出现。
    2. 实现更明亮,更有光泽的肤色。
    3. 条理和滋养皮肤。


Evidence Based Skincare. Only ingredients that work

Alexandr&Co's Chrysalis Silk Treasures range and our Silk Sericin Complex is the brainchild of years of research and development created by a team of doctors and researchers with only one goal in mind: To create the ultimate skincare experience backed only by thoroughly reviewed and evidence based ingredients.  



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