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Yvette King - Alexandr&Co.'s Brand Ambassador


Yvette King (@iamyvetteking) is someone you won’t miss; a regular on the hosting scene, you would recognise the former Fox Sports anchor on TV hosting red carpet specials, premieres and event launches. The E! News Asia entertainment journalist can also add mother to her impressive resume; her gorgeous twins, Valentina and Vivienne, were born just last year.

We hung out with Yvette and the twins in her home, as she tells us more on her routine with the girls, balancing work and life and keeping her skin flawless.

Tell us more about yourself.

My mom is Korean and my dad is Australian. I’m an entertainment journalist for E! Asia and I’ve been living in Singapore for nearly a decade now. Last year I added twin mama to my resume!

What was your first hosting gig?

I can’t remember exactly what it was (a university project is coming to mind), but I do recall being absolutely horrendous at it! I was a little shy, a little awkward — ahem, very awkward — and I had no idea what to do with my hands when I spoke. I looked like a chicken clucking with my elbows flapping up and down! Safe to say I have improved since then, however, I’m far from the finished article.

What’s a day in your life like?

It’s different every day. But it’s guaranteed to have a lot of twin cuddles and tantrums in equal measure, a bucket load of coffee and some exercise if I can muster up the motivation.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

The piece of advice I keep coming back to is — enjoy the journey, not just the destination. This is something my husband told me years ago and it gives me perspective and teaches me patience.

How do you balance family, work and keeping up with your blog and social media? 

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve found that balance yet — if you figure out the perfect ratio please let me know! I don’t keep up at all. I’m just trying my best, like most moms I know out there. The juggle is definitely a real thing, but I have an amazing husband who is really hands-on, so that helps.

Do you and your family have a routine? What does a typical day look like in your household?

We try our best to have a routine with the twins but sprinkle it with a little bit of flexibility. The twins love to play and be outdoors so we go to the park in the morning and then when they have their nap, I try and squeeze in some work. My husband and I cap off the day with dinner together — usually, he cooks because my cooking is awful!

What is your approach to beauty and wellness?

To invest in self-care. We all lead busy lives, especially as parents, and we can fall into the trap of trying to be everything to everyone. That can leave little time for wellness. I try and prioritise at least a moment a day — whether that be doing a face mask (I particularly love Korean ones), working out or just hiding in my room to have a coffee in peace!

When it comes to beauty, I keep it simple on days off. I’ve only got skincare on, to let my skin breathe. With that said, I do absolutely love makeup! When you’re feeling a little down on yourself I always get surprised at how fluffy brows and a little lipstick can help! 

How do you look after your skin?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve been more conscious of maintaining my skin. I was so lazy about it in my youth… I have to make up for lost time! I have a full-on nighttime regime that includes cleansing, exfoliation, serums and moisturisers.

I cleanse with Alexandr&Co’s Sericlear Face Wash (SGD85) — it lathers up into frothy goodness. It’s also alcohol, paraben, colourant free. For exfoliation, I really enjoy Chanel’s Sublimage Vanilla Seed Face Scrub (SGD114). La Mer’s The Concentrate (SGD290) and Drunk Elephant’s Glycolic Night Serum (SGD128) work wonders for my skin. And for moisturiser, right now I’m loving Alexandr&Co’s SeriGuard Moisturizer (SGD169). It’s more of a gel-like consistency, which is perfect for Singapore’s humid weather.

But in the morning, I don’t wash my face anymore! Instead I just pat it down with cold water or even just spritz my face with Peter Thomas Roth’s Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydrating Toner Mist and apply more moisturiser. 

Yvette’s Beauty Picks
Alexandr&Co SeriClear Silk Face Wash, SGD85
Chanel SUBLIMAGE Les Grains de Vanille Purifying And Radiance-Revealing Vanilla Seed Face Scrub, SGD114
La Mer The Concentrate, SGD290
Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, SGD128
Alexandr&Co SeriGuard Silk Moisturizer, SGD169
Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydrating Toner Mist, SGD59

What’s your most important beauty rule?

Moisturize! My mum has been telling me this little pearl of wisdom since I was a teenager. If only I had listened to her back then. I usually have dehydrated skin, and it was particularly dry during my pregnancy. I really don’t know what I would do without great moisturizer. A little retinol also helps too.

What are your hopes for the year ahead?

For my family and friends to stay safe and healthy. That collectively across the world we can have more compassion for one another. And personally, I continue to grow and stay present.