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Alexandr&Co. in the Women's Weekly.


"Harness the power of silk and see the difference it makes to your complexion" - The Women's Weekly.

Bask in blossoming beauty when you take your skincare to the next level with Chrysalis Silk Treasures by Alexandr&Co., a luxury skincare brand developed by doctors working with researchers in Japan. Drawing from the secrets of silk discovered by ancient Chinese royalty, this cutting-edge collection packs advanced anti-ageing science into potent elixirs to eradicate dullness and usher in ravishing radiance.

Containing a structural protein in silk that is used in medicine for suturing and dressing wounds, the discovery of integral sericin is revered as a biological breakthrough in skincare. Using a patented method that has been handed down over generations, master silk craftsmen from Southern Europe carefully extract whole integral sericin from raw silk threads in the pristine waters of Southern Europe, which is then distilled into regenerative formulas engineered to maintain smooth and youthful-looking skin.

Offering longevity in every drop, this silk-based skincare collection by Alexandr&Co. harnesses the protective qualities of sericin which protects your skin against the harsh elements of the environment by forming a biofilm that staves off pollutants while minimising water loss to ensure essential hydration.

Combining a potent brew of integral sericin with natural extracts, you can relish in a radiant glow with the Chrysalis Silk Treasures.